About Joined Figures

The fashion industry is an industry that changes a lot. But in recent years the changes that we have seen have al been going in the same direction – being more and more extraverted with clothing.

This is why we, as a brand, believe that we should tone clothing down a bit, because people prefer ordinary hoodies and shirts over the clothing displayed in over-the-top mode shows. We do believe that people need to express themselves through their clothing, but we don’t see why this is not possible in more casual cothing. In our eyes, we should remain the plain sweaters, hoodies, and shirts, because it's attainable, stylish and clean. We choose simple over extravagant. 

So in order to realise this, we are a brand of clothing that changes the status quo and keeps it simple. We like to design clothes that people want to wear, and that is accessible for everyone. By following this mission, we try to inspire the fashion industry, in order to keep clothing simple and easy-going.

Simple as that.